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Gemini V1.26

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Redesigned junk mail filtering window
  • Whitelisting of addresses during junk filtering is now optional
  • Whitelist check now disabled if From header contains one of the user's addresses
  • Added options to the junk mail filtering window to set the number of required messages before performing Bayesian filtering and the maximum number of tokens to keep in the database
  • Added Clear button to junk filtering statistics tab to clear Bayesian state data
  • No longer lists Bayesian tokens in stats window that haven't been seen in a message
  • Added facility to create a filter based on the headers of a selection of messages
  • Added message history window
  • No longer adds entries to the new messages window while it is hidden
  • Added advanced option to prevent double-clicks from opening groups and messages
  • Extraction of real names for multiple address fields now only used for display of the To column
  • Fixed bug where saving a reedited draft would cause the main window to be brought to the top
  • Added an option, defaulting to 5, limiting the number of accounts that can have active transfers at any one time
  • Added pop-up menu to accounts window to set enabled status
  • Added Remove and Properties options to accounts window pop-up menu
  • Added pop-up menu to identities window
  • Changing identity in send window now uses same signature/tagline rules as when setting up the window
  • Altered way local part of message IDs is encoded
  • Will now error connections that drop unexpectedly
  • Use of UTF-8 for encoding/decoding news headers is now optional
  • Now copes with encoded newlines in headers
  • Fixed bug in handling of tabs in overview files
  • Fixed memory leak due to not freeing up memory used to hold group overview data
  • Fixed a memory leak when copying files

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