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Gemini V1.28

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added support for auto-whitelisting addresses when sending mail
  • Improved appearance of header when printing
  • Added Open Group option to group hierarchy pop-up menu
  • New identity wizard now defaults real name to that of primary identity
  • Now preserves advanced send options when hiding fields
  • Append to file filter action now uses mbox format
  • Copying messages to the Outbox is now prohibited
  • Editing of messages now disabled if not stored in database
  • Now copes with images with Content-IDs enclosed in angle brackets
  • No longer enters an infinite loop when a message claims to be a reply to itself
  • Outgoing account selection will now avoid disabled accounts
  • UTF-8 decode of news headers now only performed if apparently valid UTF-8
  • Removed message ID uniqueness token option

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