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Gemini V1.30

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Concurrent image fetch support added
  • Fetched image cache added
  • Images now preloaded before printing
  • Fixed crashes caused by prompt to confirm image fetches
  • HTTP proxy support added (images/update checks)
  • Reworded text used in check for updates
  • Executable's directory can now double up as the configuration directory to allow running without installing locally (Windows)
  • Will no longer change the registry if running in uninstalled mode (Windows)
  • Added config file options to set temp directory and whether or not temp files are automatically deleted
  • Status bar now shows number of messages in group rather than internal message number when new messages are added to a group
  • Reduced memory requirements of group hierarchy and group viewers
  • Will no longer hang when attempting to move a folder into one of its children
  • NNTP fetcher will no longer prompt for login details
  • Will now accept foreign characters in domain names when checking e-mail address validity
  • Reverted to Qt 3.3.1 (Windows)
  • Disabled IPv6 DNS lookups in Qt (Windows)

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