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Gemini V1.37

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Multiple searches can now run concurrently
  • Search button now toggles to Stop rather than Close in search window
  • Search and new messages windows will now distribute space between all columns when resizing
  • Setting flags in a filter clause now defaults to all unspecified
  • Filtering on dates now works properly
  • Added Replace All button to spell checker
  • Now maintains a separate user dictionary for each language
  • Disabled no content warning when sending a message with attachments
  • Main window icon now changes to indicate when Inbox contains unread messages
  • Group properties editor now displays path of group's storage directory
  • Group setting inheritance now inherits all options
  • Mailing lists can now be unsubscribed from the group hierarchy
  • Added option to subscribe to Gemini mailing list
  • Added advanced option to open transfer status window when clicking on the Send/Receive button
  • Improved reliability of shift key detection when clicking URLs

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