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Gemini V1.41

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added support for templates for use when composing mail
  • Added filter actions to reply, forward, forward as attachment and bounce messages; to add contents of a header to the address book; and to extract attachments to a directory
  • Implemented faster searches for indexed headers
  • Message viewer now uses Qt based highlighting rather than converting to HTML
  • Message viewer now highlights when displaying message source
  • Message viewer now wraps at window width if word wrap option disabled
  • Right-clicking message viewer over a URL now displays a context-sensitive menu with URL specific actions
  • Colour edit controls now use names and a pop-up offering a limited choice of colours
  • Added grouping and send/receive account menus to toolbar
  • Redesigned filter action dialog
  • Account and identity managers now fade buttons based on current selection

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