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Gemini V2.10

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added "add to address book" and "add kill rule" buttons to all fields shown in message header
  • Added option to change font used for printing message header
  • Now uses Resent-Date for displayed date in the absence of any more suitable header
  • Will now auto-close status window only if no errors have occurred
  • Will now ask for confirmation if closing when transfers in progress
  • X-BeenThere header now considered when creating mailing lists
  • X-BeenThere and List-Post added to list of suggested headers available when filtering
  • Shift-Delete in message or group viewer will now delete messages without copying them to the waste basket
  • Added spell check button to send window
  • Now creates a unique temporary directory whenever a named temporary file is required
  • Improved fading of inactive icons

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