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Gemini V2.20

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Linux version now has system tray icon
  • Identity now available as a column in group viewer
  • When composing a group reply, no longer promotes CC header to fill an empty To
  • Added LDAP import to address book (Professional edition)
  • Implemented RFC 2231 and non-standard encoding/decoding of international characters in attachment filenames
  • Added interface to customize toolbars
  • Simplified default toolbars
  • Snip can now be added to the send window toolbar
  • Removed references to deadline functionality which isn't implemented yet
  • Now verifies existence of IMAP inboxes on startup
  • New IMAP accounts now default to checking for new mail every 60 seconds
  • Fixed bug in IMAP client where unsolicited data caused an unexpected response error

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