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Gemini V2.23

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Moved previous/next message/thread options to new Go menu
  • Renamed Message History option to Reopen Message and moved to Go menu
  • Added Skip Current Thread option
  • Added Next Unread Message option
  • Added Lock as Unread option
  • Changed send shortcut to Ctrl-Return (Windows/Linux)
  • Changed new mail shortcut in send window to Ctrl-N (Windows/Linux)
  • Changed new news shortcut in send window to Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows/Linux)
  • Mac version no longer refers to CTRL in help text for launching URLs
  • SMTP client now falls back to AUTH PLAIN if CRAM MD5 authentication fails
  • Articles posted to control.cancel no longer appear in the wrong newsgroups
  • Fixed crash when unsubscribing a newsgroup during an active fetch

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