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Gemini V2.28

The following changes were made in this release:

  • SMTP and NNTP clients now use revised sending code for increased performance and to fix problems with SSL
  • SMTP client now correctly issues EHLO command after SSL negotiation
  • SMTP client now indicates completion of SSL negotiation in status window
  • Removed special handling of Delete key from all windows so that shortcuts containing Delete will work correctly
  • Improved MIME boundary recognition (resolves #40)
  • Fixed bug where Stop buttons were truncated in status window (Mac OS X) (resolves #41)
  • Fixed bug which prevented updates to filter last used time from being saved (resolves #43)
  • Searches can now default to the current message's group rather than the current group (resolves #34)
  • Fixed bug which prevented changes to draft auto-save interval from being saved
  • Fixed bug which gave an error message when attempting to save a draft following deletion from the Drafts folder (resolves #45)
  • Fixed bug where deleting a message will leave a blank message window (resolves #37)
  • Deriving a filter from a selection of messages now defaults to no expiry (resolves #42)
  • Opening attachments using mailcap files now works correctly if the file name contains spaces (Linux)
  • Updated Qt to 3.3.5 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux static)
  • Updated Qt Solutions components

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