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Gemini V2.29

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Windows version now compiled using Visual Studio 2005
  • Static builds now supply security patches for Qt 3.3.8
  • Changes made to improve 64 bit compatibility
  • Dates and message sizes are now right-aligned in group viewers
  • Will no longer allow groups, identities and accounts to be deleted if referenced by a filter
  • Description of colour change filter actions now uses text instead of a colour change
  • URLs starting with a valid URL character not part of the URL that were previously highlighted should now be clickable
  • Column editor now remembers sizes of existing columns
  • It is no longer possible to force a disabled account to do a fetch
  • Send and receive menu no longer lists disabled accounts
  • Change send account menu no longer lists disabled accounts
  • No longer prompts to send receipts for own messages
  • Shortcut editor now allows Delete and Backspace keys
  • Improved parsing of References header so spaces between IDs aren't required
  • Return/Enter can now launch attachments in message window
  • Delete/Backspace can now remove attachments in send window
  • Mailing list signups now always open the send window rather than sending silently
  • Subscribing/Unsubscribing to a mailing list will now first check if an outgoing mail account exists
  • Now aborts send if trying to send an attached file which has been deleted
  • Each window now has its own toolbar button settings
  • Fixed crash when dragging messages with long subjects sent as attachments

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