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Gemini V2.29b

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Improvements made to prevent IMAP groups from becoming corrupt due to concurrent fetches
  • Now attempts to locate path of gpg rather than rely exclusively on $PATH (Linux/Mac)
  • Improved reliability of attachment launching under Linux
  • Added Omit from Sort button to column editor
  • Group picker now respects configured group hierarchy colours
  • Editing messages now updates displayed size in group viewer
  • Non-text content types now flagged as attachments
  • Score and junk probability columns now right aligned
  • Batch import now sticks to a single separator for the whole file
  • Dragging contacts between Your contacts and Automatically created contacts will now update the display
  • Performing a manual repair on an IMAP folder will now force a refetch from the IMAP server
  • Added STARTTLS support to NNTP fetcher
  • Added config option to allow changes to IMAP junk flags (experimental)

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