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Messenger Pro V2.51

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Attachments pane in send window is now resizable
  • Attachments pane in message viewer is now resizable
  • Junk filtering option now visible for batch file accounts
  • Now correctly highlights URLs between square brackets
  • Now attempts to ensure that all received attachments are given an appropriate extension based on MIME type
  • Reinstated advanced options button
  • Print header now always printed in black
  • Send window now sorts identities in From field
  • Identities now marked as stale when altered
  • Identity pickers are now combobox based rather than using a menu
  • Fixed bug in NEWGROUPS command where month number was off by one
  • Fixed potential bug where a fetcher terminating could terminate another
  • Improved tracking of which folder an IMAP fetcher is currently in
  • Now always opens IMAP folders with SELECT to save having to reopen when writes are needed
  • IMAP body fetches no longer issue SELECT if still in required folder
  • Fixed some cases where IMAP requests would be ignored by the fetcher
  • No longer flags IMAP groups as corrupt if notifications are received for messages we don't know about
  • IMAP fetcher now does flag fetch on every SELECT/EXAMINE
  • Fixed an issue with IMAP requests stalling due to a phantom fetcher in the same group
  • IMAP commands not requiring a current mailbox no longer issue a SELECT
  • IMAP APPEND now uses existing literal handling code rather than buggy dedicated code
  • Small performance enhancement for synchronising IMAP message numbers
  • An IMAP fetcher with nothing to do after login will now go idle instead of timing out

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