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Messenger Pro V2.57.0

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Now respects foreground and background colour choices
  • Can now display image parts in message viewer
  • Now pre-loads images before printing
  • Group viewer tabs now show "Inbox" rather than "INBOX" for IMAP mailboxes
  • Now uses Qt to launch URLs rather than custom code
  • New mail window no longer clears contents when hidden without closing
  • Now installs into /opt/intellegit (Linux)
  • Send window now wraps text correctly
  • Ctrl-W in group window will now close window instead of just group pane
  • Fixed crash when redefining toolbars
  • Fixed bugs where character sets weren't preserved
  • Version numbering scheme changed to
  • Fixed bug where header fields would spread out when an attachment is added to send window
  • Now includes Qt version in user agent string and about dialogue

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