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Messenger Pro V2.69.5

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Posting a new news message will now post to the newsgroups selected in the hierarchy viewer if it cannot be determined from the group or message viewers
  • Moving a locked message with a filter set to process locked messages will now succeed
  • Filters used at send time will no longer have their actions performed twice
  • Double-clicking in group viewer once again opens messages
  • Flush config file before starting a tidy so that the tidy won't be reattempted should the tidy cause a crash
  • Newsgroup Subscription option will now only be shown if the context menu was brought up over the newsgroups section of the group hierarchy
  • Fixed bug where newly subscribed groups wouldn't immediately appear on the Subscribed tab of the subscription window
  • Subscription window Add newsgroup field will now clear when the filter is changed
  • Fixed crash in subscription window when the filter is changed with an active group selection
  • Fixed bug where unsubscribing multiple groups would skip every other group
  • When unsubscribing, a warning that a group is used by a filter will no longer prevent groups further down the selection from being unsubscribed
  • Refactored the code handling lists of available groups to improve performance
  • Updated manual

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