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Re: Choices: Convert HTML to text

From:John Rickman Date:6 Oct 2019 22:30
In Reply To: Re: Choices: Convert HTML to text (Richard Porter)
Replies: Re: Choices: Convert HTML to text (Richard Porter)
Re: Choices: Convert HTML to text (Richard Mellish)

In message <c11ba2fe57.ricp@...>
          Richard Porter <ricp@...> wrote:

> On 6 Oct 2019 John Rickman  wrote:

>> What is it supposed to do?

> If you don't set it you get all the html tags displayed in plain text.

Thanks Richard,

I was wondering if it is possible to send an email as HTML from Messenger 
as you can from Outlook.

The email in question is an invitation to a party and has graphics. It 
would be useful if the recipients could see it as intended with graphics.

None of the recipients is likely to be using Messenger so probably see 
HTML, no text as default for emeils.


John Rickman

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