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Re: Errors in old !NewsDir

From:Richard Mellish Date:15 Jul 2021 15:37
In Reply To: Errors in old !NewsDir (Richard Mellish)
Replies: Re: Errors in old !NewsDir (Richard Porter)

replying to my own message (snipped):

> today when I loaded my 2009-2010 !NewsDir and tried to open one of the
> Groups I got a Not Found for the relevant Overview file.

> I then ran !GroupChck, which reported loads of discrepancies: see the
> appended output.

I tried pointing the OS variables to a backup copy of my 2009-2010 
!NewsDir and the groups that I tried all opened normally, so I have 
renamed the first copy as "corrupted". My immediate problem is therefore 
solved, but any ideas on how to repair defective groups, in the absence of 
a backup and if the Repair facility either itself gives an error or can't 
see them at all, would be welcome.


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