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Forwarding HTML emails

From:Richard Mellish Date:31 Jul 2021 13:34
Replies: Re: Forwarding HTML emails (Richard Porter)
Re: Forwarding HTML emails (David Higton)

Those of us who still prefer plain text emails are nowadays in a minority, 
with the world and his wife using HTML by default.

MPro usually copes adequately with HTML-only emails, showing an 
approximation as text plus a pseudo-attachment of the HTML which you can 
view in a browser. But it gets messy when you need to forward one to other 
people. One option is to forward only the plain text, but any features of 
the HTML such as coloured or bold text, which might be significant, are 
lost and there are often spurious characters resulting from passage 
between OSs and incomplete handling of Unicode. Another option is to 
forward the whole thing, but the recipients then see an attachment called 
Email.htm, which some are suspicious of.

How do others on here deal with it?


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