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Re: Forwarding HTML emails

From:David Higton Date:31 Jul 2021 19:32
In Reply To: Forwarding HTML emails (Richard Mellish)

In message <64c1a75459.Richard@...>
          Richard Mellish <Richard@...> wrote:

> Those of us who still prefer plain text emails are nowadays in a minority, 
> with the world and his wife using HTML by default.
> MPro usually copes adequately with HTML-only emails, showing an 
> approximation as text plus a pseudo-attachment of the HTML which you can 
> view in a browser. But it gets messy when you need to forward one to other 
> people. One option is to forward only the plain text, but any features of 
> the HTML such as coloured or bold text, which might be significant, are 
> lost and there are often spurious characters resulting from passage 
> between OSs and incomplete handling of Unicode. Another option is to 
> forward the whole thing, but the recipients then see an attachment called 
> Email.htm, which some are suspicious of.
> How do others on here deal with it?

I deal with it by always replying in text only.


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