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Gemini V1.03

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added options to set the background colours of the group hierarchy, group viewer and send windows
  • Batch file import can now handle multiple files
  • Added Fetch from Google button to Fetch ID dialogue
  • Creating a folder when Local folders selected will create it under that heading by default
  • Draft messages now automatically deleted on send or subsequent save
  • Changed wording of post/followup actions to apply to newsgroups and mailing lists
  • Followup will now duplicate reply when used on a message that isn't a news posting and doesn't belong to a mailing list
  • Account wizard now includes reminder on login details page that most news accounts don't require login details
  • New arrivals will expand the thread if configured to expand all threads
  • Fixed bug which could include non-existent ancestors or parents in thread menu
  • Google message IDs now escape characters not permitted in URLs
  • Fixed bug which prevented config directories from being created in certain cases (e.g. identities)
  • Fixed crash when closing group windows/pane

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