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Gemini V1.08

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Viewers now interpret a click and release on an item as an attempt to select that item, clearing the current selection
  • Words ending in s' will no longer include the apostrophe when spell checking
  • Added workaround for possible Qt bug which prevents word extraction from being performed correctly when spell checking
  • Spell checker window no longer shown if spell check completes with no errors found
  • Dragging messages to send window now avoids saving them to a file and remembering their filenames
  • Right clicking on 'Folders on' heading and selecting Properties will now open the account properties editor
  • Attachments now show as [Message] if they are alternative representations of the message itself
  • Removing attachments now does so without leaving a zero length attachment behind, removes boundary belonging to the attachment, and won't allow the only part in a message to be removed
  • Message drags will no longer result in deletion of the original when dragging to the send window
  • Fixed bug which generated two minus signs for time zone if negative
  • Fixed problems with date parsing code with respect to current time zone
  • Fixed bug which prevented long headers from being truncated in the message viewer header
  • Fixed bug which prevented a message's identity from being used when forwarding and the identity couldn't be determined from the headers
  • Fixed bug which applied news filters to messages imported from a batch file account
  • Made another slight change to drag and drop code

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