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Gemini V1.09

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Group hierarchy now accepts space key presses to open next unread group
  • Group viewer will now open current unread message rather than next one if space pressed
  • Sorting on message number now works properly in group viewer
  • Double-clicking on Inbox and Outbox in status bar now works in separate windows mode
  • Option to auto-open Inbox on startup now controls which group is opened when double-clicking on Inbox in status bar
  • Selecting Properties in the group hierarchy for a mailing list will now open mailing list properties, with a button to access group properties
  • Editing a mailing list filter will now bring up the filter properties rather than the mailing list properties
  • Leaving mailing list prefix blank with remove prefix enabled will now remove any prefix
  • Search check boxes will now clear when the field they relate to is blank
  • Fixed bug which prevented remote Xref headers from being parsed properly
  • Fixed problem with filters failing to act on the last message of a batch file
  • Added advanced option to keep mail batches indefinitely
  • When configured to automatically open transfer status window when a transfer is in progress, will now automatically close the window after

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