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Gemini V1.10

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Group hierarchy now expanded all the way down to groups containing unread or flagged messages on opening rather than stopping at parent
  • Auto expansion of threads now works all the way down to the leaves of a thread rather than stopping at their parents
  • Disabled drag select code
  • Ctrl-clicking can now be used to remove items from a selection in group/message viewers
  • Expunges now require confirmation and will warn when no messages are marked for deletion
  • Pop-up menu for group hierarchy viewer now has a 'Mark All Messages as Read' option
  • Removal of last read group from hierarchy viewer now works when selecting a non-group
  • Return can now be used in separate windows mode to open group and message windows
  • Added workaround for problem of URLs on the last line of a message being clickable for the area underneath
  • Focus now transferred more reliably from group viewer to message viewer when using space
  • 'Apply now' button in filter manager renamed to 'Use now'
  • Enabling expiry for a filter will now default to 7 days
  • Kill rules now default to a 7 day expiry
  • Kill rules will now select whether to apply to mail or news appropriately
  • Kill subject now defaults to a contains filter clause
  • Changed implementation of References stripping code to fix a reported crash on a specific message
  • Moves to IMAP folders will now result in a delete of the original message
  • IMAP fetcher now only requests write access to mailbox when required
  • Fixed bug which prevented deleted IMAP messages from being listed
  • Logging now better respects size limit and keeps a single backup file for each log

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