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Gemini V1.11

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Group hierarchy now accepts group drops onto non-groups again to restore groups to the top level
  • Group hierarchy will now contract automatically opened branches when they no longer contain unread/flagged messages
  • Group hierarchy will now leave groups unfaded if their children contain unread or flagged messages
  • Re-enabled in-place editing of folder names in group hierarchy viewer
  • Right-clicking over the Mailing Lists and Newsgroups headings in the group hierarchy viewer and selecting Properties will now open the mailing lists and group subscription windows respectively
  • Pop-up menu for group hierarchy viewer now has a context sensitive subscription option allowing access to IMAP or newsgroup subscription facilities
  • Added Synchronise option to group hierarchy menu, effective when IMAP accounts are selected
  • IMAP operations can now be performed on an account configured to not transfer messages
  • Selecting a transfer for a specific account will now force a transfer even if transfers are disabled for it
  • Now retrieves IMAP messages using BODY.PEEK to avoid automatically marking them as read
  • Mailing list wizard now allows creation of mailing lists that are based on existing groups but need a filter
  • Corrected problems where mailing lists based on existing groups weren't being treated appropriately
  • Isolated a further cause of focus being lost when reading using space and fixed it
  • Refreshes of messages in group viewer will now result in a refresh of their parents as well
  • Added advanced option to display full folder paths in group and message viewers
  • Added menu option to e-mail Intellegit support
  • Menu option to open message files from disk now present regardless of separate windows setting
  • Updated description of import batch file option in manual to cater for multiple files and included a description of the export option
  • Updated main options warnings tab screenshot in manual to include expunge option

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