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Gemini V1.13

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added Register button to licence window, to connect to web site
  • Added advanced option to close message window when sending a reply
  • Added advanced option to hide duplicate message IDs
  • Added keyboard shortcut to initiate send in send window
  • Added option to prevent a group from being listed in group hierarchy if it contains no messages
  • Saving messages now uses message subject as default file name
  • Now appends extension to file names when saving if not present in user typed name
  • Text attachments now quoted-printable encoded with suitable encoding of line endings
  • Will no longer give two warnings about opening attachments if Gemini has to prompt for the application to use (Linux only)
  • Windows version now always saves messages with CRLF line endings
  • New account wizard now uses identity edit control and defaults to no identity
  • No longer expands group hierarchy as the result of a copy/move of a read message
  • Now ignores extra dots at the end of news URLs
  • Sorting in fetch error window now respects displayed sort indicator (Windows)
  • Fixed bug which prevented IMAP groups from being deleted when the owning account was deleted
  • Fixed bug which prevented character set selections on submenus from being made
  • Fixed crash when editing properties of a mailing list that isn't associated with a group, and allowed mailing lists to be selected as the associated group when one isn't set

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