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Gemini V1.14

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Now supports SSL/TLS encryption on all connection types
  • Added IMAP disconnected mode
  • Will now automatically save a draft of messages being edited at regular intervals
  • Automatic deletion of drafts no longer uses the waste basket nor causes a reedited draft to be deleted if the session is closed without a send or save
  • Now preserves character set on reply and indicates character set in title bar
  • Will now test if selected character set is suitable before sending a message
  • Add sender to address book option now gives a choice of From and Reply-To addresses where both are present
  • Auto add addresses on reply should now cope better with quoted names
  • Names containing commas now enclosed in quotes when selecting contacts from the address book
  • Import and export now make use of progress indicator and export file name now defaults to group name if only one group selected
  • Exporting batch file now gives a choice of formats defaulting to mbox
  • Added Open Message option to group viewer pop-up menu
  • Fixed bug in NNTP fetcher which prevented batched body fetches from taking place if no new messages were to be downloaded
  • Fixed bug which caused batched body fetches to fail for a news account configured to download headers only
  • Fixed bug which treated messages with no IDs as duplicates if duplicate hiding enabled
  • Fixed crash which occurred when selecting Create Mailing List from Message option
  • Now copes with tabs in overview fields
  • Tidy should now take place at midnight local time rather than UTC

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