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Gemini V1.15

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Windows installer now includes OpenSSL
  • SMTP/TLS now works
  • Now takes note of SMTP service extensions supported by the server and acts accordingly
  • Changed rules used to determine whether or not to authenticate or request TLS during an SMTP session
  • Now copes with a 502 response code when attempting to authenticate during an SMTP session
  • Will now generate errors for messages that can't be sent via SMTP rather than just silently going on to the next one
  • Minor changes made to NNTP fetcher
  • Fixed bug which prevented messages opened using the Open Message menu option from being able to move to the previous/next message
  • Fixed bug which prevented size from being listed for some messages
  • Fixed handling of multipart/signed messages which had a nested multipart
  • Fixed bug which treated a reply to a mailing list as a public message for signing purposes
  • Changed wording of warning given when send window closed with unsaved changes
  • Newsgroups header in sent messages now strips spaces and won't be folded
  • Now gives separate warnings for when a composed message hasn't been modified and when it has no content
  • Distribution lists now shown with a group icon in address book
  • Fixed crash which occurred when clicking Group Properties after creating a mailing list from a message
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for View Unread/All Messages/Groups

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