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Gemini V1.18

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Address book is now hierarchical
  • Reply-To field now uses contact selector
  • Group viewers now support saving of messages either singly or in batches
  • Now also uses the In-Reply-To header for threading if a References header is present that doesn't contain the same ID
  • Automatic download of public keys is now optional and defaults to off
  • No longer attempts to verify a multipart/signed message without two parts
  • Now copes with semicolons appearing in filenames in Content- headers
  • Messages from known senders no longer treated as spam if Bayesian filter indicates they are
  • Now performs case-insensitive matching of header names to be ignored during Bayesian filtering
  • Disabled IMAP online accounts now listed as offline in group hierarchy viewer
  • Now gives a warning on startup for evaluation licences expiring in the next 5 days

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