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Gemini V1.19

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Drags in address book can now create copies and linked copies of contacts depending on keyboard modifiers used
  • Name and postal address fields in address book now split into a number of subfields
  • Now ignores attempts to delete the topmost address book folders
  • Restored sorting of address book on surname
  • Bayes threshold now defaults to 50%
  • Now only requires training on one junk and one non-junk message before Bayesian filtering will work
  • Fixed bug in Bayesian filtering which could allow probabilities to be calculated when no messages had been learnt
  • Will now only auto-learn messages subjected to Bayesian filtering
  • Added per-account option to specify whether or not junk mail filtering is performed
  • Added per-filter option to specify whether or not junk mail filtering is performed after a filter match
  • Added per-account option to specify which group will store incoming messages
  • Added option to specify sound sample player (Linux)
  • Improved recognition of e-mail addresses in messages
  • Now copes with invalid mailto URLs which have parameters but don't contain a ?
  • Renamed Enabled option to Online in group hierarchy pop-up menu when clicking over IMAP accounts

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