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Gemini V1.21

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Address book now sorted case insensitively
  • Fixed bug which caused copies of shared copied contacts to inherit the linked flag
  • Mailing lists now appear in address picker
  • Shared contacts now work in address picker
  • Renaming now disabled in address picker
  • Contact deletions now reflected in address picker
  • Added option to allow news fetches to attempt to refetch so many articles to catch missing ones
  • Rewritten news server selection code used when posting
  • Will now check if signing should be reenabled when resending a message
  • Filters configured to be applied when opening groups may now specify which groups to be applied to
  • Group viewers may now display a junk probability column
  • Reworded junk filtering section in manual
  • Reinstated Calculate Junk Probability option on group viewer pop-up menu
  • Message Utilities menu option availability now consisitent between message and group viewers
  • Thread menu button now only appears when the menu allows selection of other messages
  • Fixed bug which prevented attachment menu from appearing for messages that don't belong to a group

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