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Gemini V1.22

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Merged Save As and Export options into a single Export facility
  • Relabelled Import and Export menu options and windows
  • Saving message to file from send window now offers a choice of file name extensions
  • Now remembers position and size of address book
  • Added Expand/Contract menu option to address book
  • News postings can now have their send account changed in the Outbox
  • Double-clicking a message in Sent Mail/Sent News will now only do a resend if the group viewer's window also has a message pane
  • Added Transfer Logs submenu to View menu
  • Added group name to message window title bar
  • Body filtering now acts on decoded message body
  • Read receipts now respect rules for marking as read in outbox and sent mail folder
  • Fixed bug where crossposted messages didn't appear in all newsgroups
  • Improved handling of socket writes when using SSL
  • Now uses a separate licence file for each platform

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