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Gemini V1.32

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Index flushing code made more efficient
  • Compression of messages will now only take place if possible to compress to less than 50% (configurable) of original size
  • Disabled compression and per-message file flushing for IMAP online accounts
  • Fixed crashes when deleting/unsubscribing IMAP folders
  • Fixed crashes which could occur after the reporting of IMAP errors
  • IMAP fetcher now better detects when groups are removed and aborts operations
  • IMAP folder listing now updated to reflect creations and deletions
  • IMAP Folder Subscription option will now use the first listed account if no account is currently selected
  • Disabling an account will now abort any fetches in progress
  • Improved appearance of error dialogue
  • Invalid bin headers will now trigger a group repair
  • Send window font selector now restricts font sizes to those available for the current font
  • Now copes with POP servers that report that messages are available but with a zero mailbox size
  • Renaming special groups no longer causes them to be recreated
  • Updated OpenSSL to v0.9.7d following security advisory (Windows)

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