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Gemini V1.33

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Send window now supports clickable URLs
  • Fixed bug where forwarding a HTML-only message would include the tags
  • Now indicates when HTML is being displayed
  • Now asks for confirmation before following a link which is misleadingly described
  • Status message which appears when pointer over an e-mail address now displays real name of person if address found in address book
  • Changing viewer sorting will now scroll to show the new position of the current selection
  • Fixed bug where opening a second viewer on a group wouldn't show any new arrivals displayed in the first
  • Changed way group viewers handle deletions
  • Undelete in the waste basket will now restore a message to its original group
  • Correcting a message in the junk folder will now move it to its original group
  • Junk filtering option now appears faded and unselected for news accounts

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