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Messenger Pro V2.69.1

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Refactoring of database indexing code - CAUTION!
  • Fixed bug where user's interactive IMAP session could turn in to a background fetch polling session
  • Added folder names to a couple of IMAP status messages
  • Corrected a number of cases where % was appearing as %% in status messages
  • Fetcher status and error windows will now rise to front if already open when requested
  • No longer deletes/recreates thread/attachments button when displaying a new message
  • Don't check that sender has requested receipt until finishing the window update
  • Fixed an issue where it may not be remembered that a return receipt has been sent for a particular message
  • Will no longer offer to activate emailed licence details
  • Fixed bug where double-clicking a draft message would cause two editors to open
  • Fixed bug where display colour preferences weren't always applied for plain text messages
  • Spellchecking will once again continue beyond the first paragraph

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