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Messenger Pro V2.69.2

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Quoting of selected text on reply now works when viewing source/headers
  • Added advanced configuration open to display the advanced options in the send window by default
  • Filter manager will now show the correct ordering of filters when opened
  • Changing the type of a filter will now immediately be reflected in which tab it appears on in the filter manager
  • Filter clauses now short circuit when processing AND/OR
  • Tweaked formatting of notification that global logging has been enabled following enabling logging on a filter
  • Filter wizard now allows multiple filter types to be selected
  • Fixed restoring of group picker size and position
  • Group picker now defaults to a larger size
  • Added Clear selection button to group picker
  • Renamed Create to Create folder in group picker
  • Renaming folders no longer imposes uniqueness across the whole hierarchy, only at the current level
  • Try to be more consistent across platforms with regard to clicking/double clicking/pressing Return on groups and messages
  • Fixed crash when deleting messages
  • Disable native confirmation when saving over an existing file where MPro does its own check
  • Application bundle is now code signed (Mac)

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