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Welcome to the web site of intellegit, an IT consultancy company which specialises in the supply of internet and network solutions to individuals and corporate clients.

About intellegit

At intellegit we believe in providing our customers with powerful, yet easy to use, tools to enable them to fully exploit their investment in the internet, whether this be via hardware, software, online services or consultancy. To that end we have developed advanced mail and news software, which has already earned an impressive reputation for features and friendliness.

E-mail and News Software Consultancy

Our e-mail and news software is considered by its users to be the best on any platform. Messenger Pro is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

intellegit possesses a wealth of general IT knowledge and can help solve IT problems in many areas. We specialise in the internet and related technologies, but our expertise also includes local area networking, database and application design, with experience across a number of platforms.

Latest News

16th October 2014
Messenger Pro v2.72.0 is now available.

17th October 2008
Messenger Pro ported to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

6th August 2004
Report bugs, request new features and browse existing reports using our new bug tracker.

2nd June 2004
intellegit broaden product range with Gemini 2.

21st May 2003
Gemini, the port of our award winning Messenger Pro mail and news software to the Linux and Windows platforms, is now available for purchase and evaluation.

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